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Giải pháp demo 006

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Vì sao chọn chúng tôi

Here are some reasons why choosing FOLAIDA for your next AV project…

International Brand

As an international brand, we are and will always work hard to earn your respect with high quality products and good service.

High Quality

LG and SAMSUNG A+ screen as our first choose for our video wall and digital signage items. All items should check and test well before the dispatch.

Good Service

Once contact, you can rest assured that we would support our best service during the whole process. We will always help to resolve your issues at the first time.

Worldwide Applications

LCD video wall and digital signage are universal in nowadays life. You would find them easily in public venues and retail place.

Customized Solution

Share some info of your project, we will support the high quality items to fit your unique needs.


All our items, should have 2-6 years warranty from the delivery date.